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I have no idea how this happened.  I swear, I just sat down to snag a few bases before "Sanctuary" (1x04) expired over on Hulu.  ...That was 2 days and almost 70 icons ago.

[60] Guerrero Bases
[02] Winston Bases
[01] John Gray Base
[04] Icons



DudeCollapse )

Oh FanFiction.net

Okay, so that little bit of smut *points down* "One Night Afternoon Stand"?  Just posted it on fanfiction.net.  We'll see how long that sucker stays up, or if it makes it past the moderation queue.  

Did I ever tell you kids about the great NC-17 purge over at FanFiction.net back in the day? The year was...Collapse )

Human Target Fic: One Afternoon Stand

Title: One Night Afternoon Stand
Summary: You take it where and when you can get it. Post-Embassy Row.
Author: NomadiCat
Fandom: Human Target
Genre: PwP, Challenge
Warnings: Prime-time network TV grade het smut.  Don't like it, don't read it.
Notes: Response to the prompt authors choice - "we had sex...ohmygod...I don't believe it, we had...sex..." on the
Human Target Fic community here.  Cross-posted on the community and at FF.net.
Disclaimer: Fox and others own the sandbox.  I'm just playing here.

Sweat trickled down her arms, snuck into the corners of her eyes, slipped onto her lips.Collapse )

Human Target Fic: Cleaning Up

Title: Cleaning Up
Summary: Winston always seems to find himself cleaning up Guerrero’s messes. Post-Sanctuary, pre-Run.
Author: NomadiCat
Fandom: Human Target
Genre: General
Warnings: Foul, foul language
Notes: Cross-posted to ff.net here
Disclaimer: Fox and others own the sandbox.  I'm just playing here.

"I swear, that man is a squirrel. Nuts, and always shoving stuff into weird places."Collapse )

About Us

I like "About Us" pages on websites.  In fact, I get a little exasperated if they don't exist.  It's important, nay, necessary to tell people who you are and what you're all about.  

For example, I'm NomadiCat.  This, is my fan journal.  I've been dipping a toe back into various fandoms lately after a very, very long hiatus.  I figured if I was actually going to start doing fan-stuff again, I might as well establish an LJ, as I hearken from the generation (located in the internet historical record somewhere between "painting on cave walls" and "YouTube") when it was customary to do such things.

Holy damn, have they changed things since I was here last.  I mean, Russia?  What's up with that?  And in my day, we had two journal templates and we were grateful.  Harumph.

But I digress.  Frequently.

So yes.  Fandom type stuff related to whatever catches my mercurial fancy this week may or may not appear here with ever lessening frequency.  See?  I said that up front.  First entry.  If I disappear for seven months, don't say I didn't warn you.

Damn kids.  Now get off my lawn!



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